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I have had a lot of challenges in getting a new batch of Reuss Repeater Fuzz pedals ready for sales, but it is finally happening.

(picture shows a dummy with no input and output jacks - final product features Neutrik brand jacks)

The new edition is slightly revised. The colour is changed to a silver grey metallic, the slide switch for the booster is changed for a toggle switch and the LED for the fuzz effect is changed from white to purple.

And maybe most importantly, the model is changed from being manufactured at my Chinese OEM factory to being assembled by myself here in Denmark. On the downside, this means a slight increase in price - and not a decrease as previously reported, sorry.

I expect to start shipping in about three or four weeks. The new price will be $159.95.

Written by Anders Marcuslund-Reuss — June 27, 2015

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