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Reuss is releasing a Warren Ellis signature pedal in 2016

I am proud to announce, that I am working with Warren Ellis of The Dirty Three, Grinderman and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds on developing a signature pedal.

It'll be called the Reuss WE-01 Muzzbomb, and it's based on Warren Ellis' legendary 'mystery stomp box' which is much discussed at the guitar forums. It's a DIY pedal which is capable of some really wild and wonderfully mean and evil fuzz noises, built from old radio parts by Warren Ellis' brother Murray.

Currently the pedal is here with me to be cloned exactly. In the Muzzbomb we are pairing it up with a very loud clean boost circuit.

Warren Ellis' mystery DIY box ready for inspection at the Reuss lab:


Update February 4th 2016: 

The Muzzbomb pedal is now put into production for an expected June 2016 release.

The production model Muzzbomb is a two-in-one pedal featuring the muzz effect going into a very strong and loud booster (actually the same boost circuit as featured in the Reuss RF-02 Repeater Fuzz pedal). The above picture shows a working prototype.

The boost level is adjusted via a trimmer at the left side of the pedal, to keep the knob count low and make room for the large 'chicken head' 50s amp style knobs.

The Muzzbomb will be completely handmade in the European Union in full boutique contruction (hardwired jacks and footswitches) using only top shelf parts.

Update May 31st: Release date confirmed for June 27th 2016. Pre-sales starts Sunday June 19th.





Written by Anders Marcuslund-Reuss — September 04, 2015



Hi, is there already a specific release date for this pedal?
Can’t wait to try out the pedal myself!

December 08 2015


Thanks. Aiming at a May/June 2016 release.

February 04 2016

Andre Leo:

Amazing. Made my day. Been waiting for something like this for ages.

Will place my order from South Africa as soon as it’s released.



February 07 2016


Ok, thanks!

February 14 2016


Great news. I think I’m going to buy me one when it is available.

April 07 2016


Got one last year and has not left my board. Beautifully made and a huge range of tones from almost-mild to crazy-wild. And delivery was ridiculously quick! 10/10

January 27 2017

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