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Having put the three new models safe in the hands of the manufacturing plant, I found time to get some work done on the pedal I am developing for the amazing Chris Brokaw (currently touring with Come and The Lemonheads). We're calling it the Reuss CB-01 Recidivist after one of Chris' signature Come songs.

As posted previously, it's based on Chris Brokaw's 1980's Tokai TOD-1 Overdrive pedal - and adding quite a few features.

There's a lot of obsolete and unusual parts in the Tokai TOD-1 and because the devil is in the detail, I have sourced the correct Sanyo LA6458D dual opamp IC, C2021E transistors and 1S2473 clipping diodes for this project.

This first prototype features a 3-way tone switch changing the voicing from the stock TOD-1 sound (mid-range hump and low-cut) to a 'low' and 'deep' setting. The last one giving an almost flat eq response. Both alternative voicings sounds amazing.

Chris also wanted a switchable bass boost which is featured here in the form of an EHX Mole inspired circuit. That part is not a complete success and it will need further development. Too muffled sounding. The prototype also features a 'pre/post' switch that switches the order of the overdrive and bass boost circuits.

The next step is to ship the prototype to Chris Brokaw to get his feedback on it, and then building a new prototype featuring two independent TOD-1 circuits (because Chris likes to run two into each other). Possibly each with three slightly different voicings. And probably still with some kind of switchable bass booster.

The future will tell if the CB-01 Recidivist will be released as a factory pedal. Please tell if you believe we should do it (no strings attached) :-)

Here's Chris Brokaw performing 'Recidivist' solo in 2009:



Written by Anders Marcuslund-Reuss — July 17, 2013


Mark Walker:

Definitely interested. Can you add me to a list of this goes into production?

July 27 2015


So did this ever go into production in the end? It looks great.

January 10 2016


@Xavier: Not yet, but it can still happen. Right now a second, more complex, prototype is with Chris for evaluation and road testing.

February 23 2016

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