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It was always the deal with the Rowland S. Howard estate to keep the RSH pedals as exclusive as the man himself. Not making a big, commercial merchandising circus out of the project. So we have decided not to manufacture any more RSH-02 pedals. Keeping it rare, with only 200 numbered units ever made.

Reuss Musical Instruments will still be manufacturing the one and only officially endorsed Rowland S. Howard guitar pedal in the future, but only in the shape of the original RSH-01. Hand made in Denmark.

Maybe we'll re-introduce the RSH-02 circuit in a new, non-artist specific factory-made pedal. Maybe not. Time will tell.

Still, there's about fifty Reuss RSH-02s left in stock.

Written by Anders Marcuslund-Reuss — September 21, 2013

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