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Many models sold out July 2020

This spring has been an amazing time for Reuss, seeing sales rise to three times the usual level during May and June

Obviously, this is great news for me, but it also means my two assembly people and myself has a hard time building enough pedals to keep everything in stock at all times. At the moment, most of the key models are sold out. Some to a level where it’s not just a question of assembling more, but also of manufacturing new batches of the enclosures, which takes about eight weeks, going through machining, painting and silk screen printing. All done by separate, local small businesses here in Denmark.

For the individual models, a pre-ordering option will be open when the pedals are at the assembly state. I will not be accepting more pre-orders than the number of pedals we are actually building, and I do not keep a waiting list. So if you want a pedal that’s sold out, you can safely jump on the pre-ordering option, if it’s open, knowing you will not be waiting forever.

The Corona lock-down period was strangely inspiring to me, so I will also be launching a string of new models continuously over the fall and winter – which, obviously, also needs to be built, in addition to the existing models. The first ones being the Backslide Overdrive and the Ecstatic Overdrive.

I have a had a brilliant new, Danish electronics engineer, Hans, on the team since February, and this has meant that a lot of my more complex ideas can be put into reality. The first fruit of this collaboration being the magnificent Epic Overdrive pedal.

Right now, we are heading towards the holiday season, and right after that, I will be looking at ways of upscaling the assembly work, to be able to keep up with demand without the pedals selling out so quickly.

Have a great summer!

All the best,


Anders / Reuss

Written by Anders Marcuslund-Reuss — July 09, 2020

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