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Prices are now listed in Euros

Reuss has been a global business since day one, always shipping the major part of the pedals to far away corners of the World. And since the US Dollar is the most international currency, I've always been listing my prices in USD. Until now

The thing is, I am a Danish company, and the Danish 'krone' is tied to the Euro. This means my income from the pedals have been fluctuating with the exchange rate between the USD and the EUR.

So to keep things stable, and fix my pricing at a stable minimum, the pedals are now listed in Euros. To set the new prices, I used the current exchange rate. There is no hidden 'mark-up' in the conversion.

The prices are still listed without the 25% Danish VAT, because I still sell most of the pedals to customers outside the European Union. The VAT is still added at check-out when the shipping destination is in the EU.

Written by Anders Marcuslund-Reuss — June 16, 2017

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