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Reuss Repeater Fuzz Mk IV (spring/summer 2024)

Sold out.

(Not sold out - Released in late spring/summer 2024)

Repeater Fuzz MK IV

Now that the Repeater Fuzz Mk III is sold out and discontinued, I get a lot of questions about the forthcoming Mk IV, so I'll spill the beans here:

In short, the Mk IV is a return to the two-in-one pedal concept of the old MK I and II. There'll be a fuzz part and a repeater part, each with their own dedicated footswitch and level control.

The Repeater part of the Mk IV is identical to my stand-alone repeater pedal, which means it features an added the MIX control (clean blend), which was not part of the vintage Vox Repeat Percussion effect. This makes it a more useful and less extreme tremolo effect, because the amplitude of the spikes can be watered out by mixing the effect with the clean sound. Still, you can have the pure, undiluted full-on psychedelic stutter when you need it.

The fuzz part now also features a level control, which eliminates the need for the master boost circuit of the MK III. The vintage treble/bass booster circuit is integrated into the fuzz part of the pedal, which features a three-way mode switch to select between fuzz/fuzz+tone booster/tone booster modes.

In all, this makes for a much more simple and intuitive pedal to use, with all the effects of the Mk III - plus the added feature of the MIX control for the Repeater.

The sound shaping circuits at the core of the pedal remains completely true to the vintage original circuits of the 1960s Vox guitars, and we continue to use the correct old 'tin can' transistors.

Adding the twin level controls (including extra output gain stages and output buffers), plus clean blend to the Repeater and the mode selector to the fuzz, adds a whole lot of additional parts to the pedal, which makes it a very different deal, compared to the bare-bones approach of the Mk III. More modern and convenient and less quirky.

Because of the much increased number of parts in the Mk IV, we had to skip the send/return jacks for wah pedal, which was a feature of the Mk III.

As of February 2024, the Mk IV circuit is fully developed and approved, but we have been struggling a bit with the circuit board layout to fit everything in the compact footprint, and for the latest prototype, we are skipping the 9V battery compartment to make room for a lager circuit board.

When the final prototype is approved, and I have an approved pre-production sample in my hands, I will open for preorders for the Repeater Fuzz Mk IV. This will probably be around April 2024.

I am sorry, the pedal is so relatively delayed. I was aiming for a seamless transistion from the Mk III, but things take time, and the Mk III sold out faster than expected.

Thanks a lot for your patience,

Anders / Reuss