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Limited edition of 50 pedals. The pedals are not sold out, but some was sold in a premature preordering opening back in summer. The preordering option opens again as soon as we have an approved prototype and the pedals are in production. Please follow the updates on this page!

Signature pedal for Johnny and Conny. Guitar players of legendary Swedish cult band bob hund

Based on Johnny and Conny's vintage Maestro Fuzz pedals, FZ-1A and FZ-1S Fuzz-Tones. Graphic design by long-time bob hund associate, the equally legendary Martin Kann

Update January 14th 2022:

Events took a surprising turn back in November when Conny and Johnny of bob hund finally found time to test the second Reuss bob hund Fzzxkrrrxzt! prototype. The great sounding one in Fzat's demo (below). The one we spent months in the lab designing, from meticulously analysing Johnny and Conny's original vintage pedals.

When we did the first prototype, we didn't have the vintage pedals at hand for reference, and our attempt of designing a silicon transistor adoption of the vintage germanium transistor FZ-1A Fuzz-Tone schematic, based on theory alone, sounded terrible in real life. So I never sent it to Johnny and Conny to try. It seemed pointless. Embarassing, really.

But when I shipped the new, second, prototype to Johnny and Conny, along with the vintage pedals, I carelessly tossed the first prototype in the box too. Just for fun, so that they could hear how bad it sounded.

And then I received this video (below) from Conny and Johnny in response. It turns out they love the weird and, honestly, crappy sound of the first prototype.

Knowing and loving bob hund, I should have seen this coming.

So it was back to work for a third revision. Conny and Johnny wanted the FZ-1A circuit (Johnny channel) to sound like the first prototype at low fuzz intensity settings (the dying sound, like in the video) - but the high quality, vintage authentic sound of the second prototype at higher fuzz intensity settings (like in Fzat's video).

After unsuccesful attemps of combining the two qualities in a single circuit, we decided to feature both circuits in the third, and hopefully final, revision. The fuzz intensity control ("Håll igång") is now a double potentiometer inside. When turning it up, it crossfades the sound of prototype one with the sound of prototype two. In other words, at low settings, you hear mostly the 'dying sound' and at higher settings, you hear mostly the warm and smooth sound of the second prototype FZ-1A interpretation. It is possible to turn the 'dying sound' off completely via a DIP switch inside the pedal, making it exactly like the second prototype, which is true to the sound and response of bob hund's vintage 1960s Maestro FZ-1A.

What is happening now (mid January 2022), is that we are revising the circuit board layout and building a new prototype. The process of doing this takes about one month. Then we will start production as soon as Johnny and Conny approves it (fingers crossed). If everything runs smoothly, we can start shipping pedals in late March the earliest. More realisticly, I am sorry to say it can easily become April, before we are done.

Here's a clip from the video feedback I got from Conny and Johnny in November, featuring the 'dying sound' of the first prototype (published with kind permission):


Watch my friend Fzat's demo of the second prototype here. Recorded the day before I shipped it on to bob hund, back in October 2021:


The pedals are completely handmade in the European Union. It's a limited edition of 50 pieces (we might do another batch later, if it becomes apparent that we have dramatically underestimated demand).


PLEASE NOTE: Prices at the webshop are listed without VAT. For customers in the European Union VAT is added at check-out

Breadboarding FZ-1A

bob hund originals