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XXXXX ABU Garcia Ambassadeur 5500 CS Rocket Blue/Grey (Japan Domestic Market)

ABU Ambassadeur 5500 CS Rocket BL/GR

Disclaimer: This is NOT a guitar pedal ;-)

My new second home at the small island of Agersø has sparked an interest in coastal fishing, and being the gear nerd that I am, I have been indulging in classic Swedish made fishing reels. So much that I now have a few to sell.

The thing is, like with music gear, the Japanese (and I, it appears) have great taste, and don't go with the mainstream fishing products usually being banged out, but get their own cool models, more true to vintage fishing reels of the 1970s.

I had the luck of scoring a small batch of brand new in boxes ABU Garcia Ambassadeur 5500 CS Rocket reels in the extremely rare blue/grey colour, which was only made for the Japanese market, and only in very limited numbers.

These are sold out now from the factory and from Japanese dealers and sells second hand at inflated prices at eBay. I sell my stash at a simillar price to what they were originally offered for in Japan.

The reels for sale are completely new old stock, made in 2019 and have been sitting around in their boxes since then. They have only been taken out once by me and once by the dealer who sold them to me, for quality inspection.

So this is an amazing deal. I have six reels to sell.

Ships worldwide via DHL Express.

VAT applies for sales to countries in the EU.