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Reuss Repeater Fuzz singles bundle deal

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Get the Repeater Fuzz elements as three separate units for ultimate flexibility

Save big on buying all three Reuss Repeater Fuzz derived single pedals as a bundle deal

The Fuzz pedal contains the silicon tonebender mark II circuit of the discontinued Reuss RF01/02 Repeater Fuzz pedal, which has very much the same character as the built-in fuzz of vintage Vox guitars, but with a much wider range of sounds. Very loud and potent. "The best fuzz ever" was Warren's Ellis' response to trying out the RF02.

Please note, the little 'TONE' pedal is of a different generation of Reuss pedals, originally intended as companion to the RF02/01 Repeater Fuzz, which did not contain the treble/bass booster circuit, so the finish of that is a little different than the two other's. All three are completely handmade in the EU.

Reuss Fuzz

Reuss Tone Booster

Reuss Repeater