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Reuss RF-02 Repeater Fuzz

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New, completely redesigned RF-03 Repeater Fuzz coming in late spring/early summer 2018

Here comes that sound. Take a ride to the other side with the Reuss Repeater Fuzz pedal. 1960s Vox guitar effects recreated in a compact and affordable package

The Reuss RF-02 Repeater Fuzz is a clone of the 1960s Vox V809 Repeat Percussion effect - paired with a great sounding fuzz effect based on the Vox Tone Bender mk II. It’s a two-in-one pedal, and the two effects can be used independently. The repeat percussion half of the Reuss RF-02 is made using the original, long out of production Motorola 2N2646 transistor. The vital part to get the right sound.

For those who have never heard it, the repeat percussion effect is the musical answer to a strobe light. Small flashes of hard, percussive sound emissions. Rate going from a very slow pulse to a very fast chopping. Most likely the repeat percussion was originally intended to simulate an echo effect.

The nature of the original repeater effect - with so much sound chopped away - gives a perceived volume drop. In the Reuss RF-02 this can be compensated by a switchable clean boost.

The fuzz is based on the sixties Tone Bender mk. II schematic, carefully adapted for medium gain silicon transistors, like the built-in fuzz (labeled 'distortion') of the vintage Vox Starstream guitars etc. The exact circuit of the built-in fuzz in the guitars is not convenient for a guitar pedal, as it does not have a level control. The fuzz of the Reuss RF-02 has very much the same sound and charactaristics, though, because the circuits are in fact very close cousins. It's an exceptionally great sounding, powerful and strong fuzz with a wonderful, musical and very pleasant texture to the sound.

The fuzz is very loud, so the booster of the RF-02 is only connected to the repeat percussion effect. When that is bypassed, the booster has no effect on the fuzz sound. The three circuits of the Reuss RF-02 Repeater Fuzz are totally independent from each other and features individual true bypass switching.

Like all Reuss pedals,The RF-02 Repeater Fuzz features full boutique construction with hard wired stomp switch and connectors. Final assembly is performed by myself in Denmark.

Upgrade: Now available with the 'Pro' upgrade quality footswitches as an option. These are rated for 15000 stomps (the standard footswitch is rated for 6000).

Please notice: Being a vintage circuit, the fuzz wants to see a high impedance input signal to sound correct. A low impedance signal from a buffered bypass pedal (like a Boss or Ibanez or similar type) will make the fuzz sound wrong. It will loose punch and fullness and sound thin and fizzy. Not as intended. Always place your vintage fuzz-circuit (tone benders, fuzzfaces etc.) first in the chain.

Sound samples:

Mid-tempo rate setting

Faster rate into phaser and delay

Slow rate no fuzz double beat delay

Repeater 'RATE' range demo

Heavy riff - repeater off

RF-02 Repeater Fuzz features and specifications

  • Analogue
  • Vintage circuits
  • Vintage new old stock parts
  • Uncompromising 'boutique' construction and build quality. Wired by hand
  • Handmade in the European Union
  • Sturdy aluminium enclosure finished in silver grey metallic with silk screen printing
  • True bypass switching
  • High quality Neutrik jacks, wired by hand
  • 'Pro' upgrade quality footswitches available as an extra option (good for minimum 15000 stomps - the standard footswitch is rated for 6000)
  • 24 months warranty against manufacturing faults
  • CE-marked / RoHS certified
  • Ships in a 'reuss' box and linen draw-string bag
  • Fast worldwide shipping via DHL from Denmark. Your pedal is only a few days away, no matter where you live. Great rates too.

Download the Reuss Repeater Fuzz manual here (click link)

 Official Reuss Youtube demo of the RF-02 and TB-01:

(Since recording this demo I learned that the treble/bass booster is wired AFTER the fuzz in the old Vox guitars. Not first in the signal chain, like in this video)


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