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Reuss Gold Sounds Dual Overdrive

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Two-in-one pedal containing twin Reuss Ecstatic Overdrive circuits, with a few extra features thrown in

This also makes it a 1990s BluesBreaker mark I based pedal. Or a KoT clone with extra options

The BluesBreaker/KoT circuit is an unusual overdrive pedal design that's very versatile, and what really makes it stand out is the amazing sparkle and warmth it adds at relatively low overdrive levels, just above the point of break-up. Nothing beats it at this discipline, and it does that particular thing better than a Klon, I think. Having two circuits in one box, with all the switchable options in each half, makes it extremely flexible.

Since I released the single circuit Reuss Ecstatic Overdrive pedal in spring 2020, I have had repeated requests for a two-in-one version - and here it is. I couldn't help throwing in a few easter eggs, so on top of the well established BluesBreaker mods of having switchable DRIVE, DISTORTION and BOOST options for each channel, I have added an extra flavour to each side. In the first channel (right footswitch) the DISTORTION setting can be flipped to a pure germanium diode clipping mode, utilising four vintage new old stock USSR diodes. This gives it a more fuzzy and intense distortion character. Much like a vintage MXR Distortion+ pedal (and the Rowland S. Howard pedal). At the second channel, I added a switchable clipping option to the DRIVE setting. This replaces the four MA859 diodes (MA856 in the Special Edition) with a hybrid MOSFET/germanium clipping arrangement. This gives a bit more 'hair' and grit to the overdrive sound. These options are not found in a KoT pedal.

I had the good fortune of scoring a stash of genuine vintage new old stock Panasonic MA856 diodes for the Ecstatic Overdrive (the all-important magic KoT diodes). When I tried to re-order these for the Gold Sounds, my supplier shipped some equally rare Panasonic MA859 diodes. The MA856s being long gone, apparently. The MA859s are from the same series of diodes and the specifications are near-identical to the MA856s. Most importantly, the forward voltage being the same. In short, they sound the same.

I do have a few left-over MA856s from the Ecstatic Overdrive pedals, so I am offering a 'Special Edition' of 20 Gold Sound pedals each featuring 8 pieces of these über rare and mythical unobtanium parts (choose it from the drop-down-menu above the 'add-to-cart' button).

I ship the pedals with the first channel set to DRIVE and the second set to BOOST, which is a very basic and useful setting. But there's so much more to it, if you dig in and play around with the different settings.

Please note: While the gold knobs looks great on this pedal, and emphasizes the theme, the marking on them is very hard to see. It is recommended that you paint the line with a permanent marker - Or the knobs are easily replaced for any 18-teeth 6 mm shaft push-on knob of maximum 16 mm in diameter.

Demo by The Tone Lounge


Shoot-out with the King of Tone and a double Miesnieks by Budda Guedes


Reuss Gold Sounds features and Specifications

  • Twin classic early 1990s mk I BluesBreaker circuits with popular KoT modifications and more
  • Four vintage new old stock Panasonic MA859 diodes in each of the DRIVE circuits (Panasonic MA856s in the Special Edition)
  • Two vintage new old stock 1S1588 diodes in each of the DISTORTION circuits (Toshiba brand in the Special Edition)
  • Switchable mods featuring vintage new old stock USSR germanium diodes (unique feature to the Reuss pedal, compared to a King of Tone, which doesn't have this option)
  • Extremely high build quality. Completely handmade in the European Union
  • Powder coated enclosure in a root beer metallic finish with real silk screen printed graphics in gold metallic ink
  • Runs on a standard ‘Boss-type’ guitar pedal 9V power supply or 9V battery (not included). The pedal handles up to 18V from an external power supply for increased headroom
  • High quality Neutrik jacks
  • Rugged upgrade quality footswitch (good for at least 30000 stomps)
  • Compact footprint: 11,9 x 9,4 cm (standard Hammond 1590BB size)
  • 24 months warranty against manufacturing faults
  • Packed in a cardboard box and linen draw-string bag
  • Worldwide shipping from Denmark. Orders posted before 2:00 PM Central European Time on weekdays ships same day

The identical single pedal Reuss Ecstatic Overdrive did extremely well in this YouTube shoot-out with the analogman King of Tone


Gold Sounds is pretty on the inside too - and a very rugged construction. Better than the King

Download the Reuss Gold Sounds manual here

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