Reuss Musical Instruments

Reuss Musical Instruments is a brand name owned by Good Guy's Media & Music. A Danish one man business run by me - Anders Marcuslund-Reuss

My ambition for Reuss Musical Instruments is to make great sounding guitar effect pedals of uncompromising quality.

Made in the European Union

The Reuss pedals are completely handmade in the European Union. Some assembled by myself here in Copenhagen, Denmark, and some by my electronics partner in the beautiful old city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The pedals are wired by hand with upgrade quality footswitches and jacks etc. No cheap solutions. A lot of my circuits calls for obsolete vintage parts, and I go all the way to source these, because I believe the devil is in the detail.


The pedals ships worldwide from Denmark via DHL Express. It's the fastest service available from Denmark, and your new pedal is only few days away, no matter where you live on Planet Earth.

Please note: Due to much increased business, since February 2019, I've reduced my despatch service to only shipping pedals twice a week. Mondays and Thursdays.


As I am a Danish business and because Denmark is a member of the European Union, I have to charge local, Danish VAT when shipping pedals to customers in the European Union. This is a bit unfortunate as Denmark is the most tax-ridden county in the EU, the VAT being 25% on all goods.

About me

I learned electronics from my dad, who was a science teacher, and I started etching my own circuit boards and building musical devices from age 12. Electronics has been an on/off hobby ever since. I develop the pedal circuits myself and collaborate closely with my engineer friend Hristo about the circuit board design and layout.

The graphic designs and pedal concepts comes from my own imagination. The ideas are constantly queuing up in my mind, and I make a lot of prototypes. Some makes it into production models. My driving force is creating pedals I would have a desire to own myself.

I have two educations. I am both a journalist and a lab tech, and for years I was working at various record companies as communications manager, doing press for a large number of leading independent labels including Mute Records, 4AD, Domino, Beggars Banquet, City Slang and major labels Universal Music and Sony.

Today I make a part-time living from Reuss Musical Instruments, does some freelance music journalism - and brings home the bacon working in a research science lab.

I am also a former musician, playing in local Copenhagen bands Naked, Port Friendly and Death Tothe in the 90s, as well as still being a frequent guest with The Tremolo Beer Gut playing the theremin.

Good Guy's Media & Music was formerly called Good Guy's Recording Company, releasing records by local artists The Breakers (dk), Green Pitch and Pluto between 2005 and 2007.

I am the father of five and happily married to a wonderful woman called Marie Marcuslund-Reuss.


PLEASE NOTE: Prices at the webshop are listed without VAT. For customers in the European Union 25% VAT is added at check-out