Reuss Musical Instruments

The Reuss pedals are completely handmade here in Europe by myself and two pairs of helping hands. Not a single Asian sub-contractor is used for circuit boards or enclosures manufacturing or anything

Every part is soldered by hand. The high quality switches and jacks are all hard wired to the boards, which is an extremely laborious way of building a pedal. Most so-called boutique pedal manufacturers simply orders a complete, drop-in board and enclosure from China for easy assembly, and tells you it's handmade in the US - or whereever. Reuss is truly and honestly handcrafted locally in Europe.

Because of this, we build the pedals in tiny batches of typically 12 or 16 pieces at a time, and sometimes they sell out quickly, and we can't keep up, unfortunately.

Whenever a model is sold out, and we are actively in the build process of a new batch, I open the web-shop for pre-ordering. So if you are decided that you wish to purchase a certain sold-out Reuss pedal, you are strongly advised to jump on a pre-order if the option is available.

Especially the Warren Ellis Muzzbox, Repeater Fuzz, Swiss Army Knife and Rowland S. Howard pedals are in high demand and has proved to sell out quickly.

At present, there are no plans for up-scaling production volume.


Pedals ships only twice a week

You pedals goes out on Mondays and Thursdays only

Due to a significent increase in sales, and still being a one-man business and still keeping a dayjob and being husband a father of five, I've had to slow down my paces. This means that from February 2019, I've reduced my despatch service to only shipping twice a week. Mondays and Thursdays.

To get your pedal in a shipment, I need your order before noon (Central European Time) the day before the shipping date.

I am sorry for this limited service. It is a necessity for the time being. Hopefully I can revert to daily shipments in the fall of 2019.

I still ship only DHL Worldwide Express which is a super reliable deluxe courier service with amazingly short delivery times worldwide. And you don't pay the full rates. Only about 66,6% The rest is on me.

All the best,


Anders / Reuss