Reuss Musical Instruments


Some of the nice words I have received from my customers


I primarily purchased the 2nd RSH pedal as a backup.  I never want to be without one.  I love my Jag into my Deluxe Reverb clean, but your pedals take it into a whole other realm of not so controllable harmonic wildness.  These pedals are my absolute favorites!  Thank you so much for producing them. George E.

Thanks for making such a brilliant pedal. Both the fuzz and repeater effects are awesome! Michael P.

I LOVE this pedal. Jonathan M. (on the Goo Goo Fuzz)

Yesterday I received the RSH-03 and I´m pleased to say that it sounds simply astonishing. I´m sure that we´ll have really good times together. Juan P.M.


Anders, I wanted to tell you I got the pedal and it is just absolutely mind blowing. It's everything I wanted it to be. I don't understand how this pedal can achieve the biting octave quality and yet still sound beautiful with big open chords. Up and down the neck, it is just beautiful sounding. You have one VERY happy customer. Carter T.

Dear Anders. As a great fan of Rowland S Howard I was intrigued by your pedals, and recently took the plunge, buying an Evil Twin which. I am just writing to say what a brilliant pedal this is. I have been looking for a decent distortion pedal for years - I've tried boutique ones (the Ubangi Stomp from Nocturne Pedals), Big Muff and a Keeley-modified Ibanez Tube Screamer but had a problem that while in isolation they sounded good, as soon as I was in a band situation, the tone and volume seemed to be sucked out of the sound, the volume decreased and the sound became muddy. The brilliant thing about the Evil Twin is that it combines a tonal boost with grit, so you can get a real dirty boost but still hear individual strings shining through. Just what I have been looking for for years. Thank you! Arun K.

I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with it . You did an excellent job of cloning it. I honestly cant tell the difference between the pedal and the on board effects on my stream, especially with the fuzz. What a monster. The RSH pedal is super sick too! James S. (RF-02 Repeater Fuzz)

The pedal arrived and it's working brilliantly. Love the absolute chaos with plus on and the blue box blend at 100%, sounds just like Sleep Alone. Tristan D. (RSH-03)

I’m just writing to thank you about both the incredible quality and service of Reuss pedals! I’ve been very tempted by almost every pedal you’ve created in the past year or so and decided it was time to finally purchase one. I’m delighted by not only the build / looks / craftsmanship (which I was certain would be great anyway) but the service. Denmark to England in under 48 hours! Again, thank you very much - hopefully I’ll have another sometime soon! Alex S.

I wanted to take the time to thank you for making such a fantastic pedal, and for getting it to me so quickly. For a long time I've felt like I was looking for a certain tone/sound and been unable to find it, and I think your work here is exactly what I was looking for. It certainly helps that I am also a very big Rowland S. Howard fan. I was intrigued by the look and design of the Evil Twin and am happy to say it's totally satisfactory. Julian H.

I have received Repeater Fuzz today. I was surprised for that to be transported very fast. The sound was cool and crazy. Thank you very much. Hisakazu K (Japan)

Once I found out that the pedals had arrived at my friend’s store, I rushed up to get the Roland S Howard RSH-03, and I am completely freaking out over this pedal. It's Blissful. Thank you for taking the time and having the dedication and passion to think outside the box on your designs! Your pedals are designed to make art with! Walther B.

I have received my WE-01 Muzzbomb and it is amazing!!! I love the madness of the muzz, but I am also very very impressed with the boost. I have found myself simply using the boost only in situations. Ben H.  

I got to spend some real time with the double bender last night. What a wonderful fuzz pedal. Truly enjoying both the 60s and the 70s sides, turning everything all the way up, starving the circuit and everything in between. This is a serious keeper. Seth M.

Just a quick one to say I've been blown away by my Muzzbomb. It's still surprising me every time I play. Andre L. (South Africa)

Just got the delivery today. You were right about the speed of delivery! and I gotta say the boxing is amazing and thanks so much for the note. Best experience buying something online I have ever had and you can quote me on that. Arifin Tellegen

Got the Muzzbomb in the mail yesterday. Sounds incredible! Just what I was looking for! Thanks again!nRobert M.  

The RSH pedal is incredible. It exceeded my, already high, expectations. And it looks so good. The pedal has inspired a lot of new ideas. I couldn't be happier with it. Andre L.

The pedal arrived safely and it's beautiful. The design is terrific, the circuit board clearly shows the care and level of attention it went into making the pedal. Really cool stuff. I love the Blue box side, it sounds even better than the original pedal (I have a vintage one from 1975). The distortion side sounds nearly identical to the vintage Distortion+. Daniele D.S.

Reuss Effects rules! Fastest shipping from the other side of the world. Not just a great builder, but a benchmark for customer service. I cant thank you enough. Fantastic lo/fi fuzz! James H (Vintage Three Volt Fuzz)

The Warren Ellis pedal is insane! Should sell millions. But don’t sell any more of them please. I want them to be rare! Brian C

Here is a short demo of me playing my new Octavia pedal (Muzzbomb modded to correct Octavia specs) handmade by Anders from I now have three of his pedals and they all sound incredible. I can't recommend his work highly enough. In my view they really are the best out there. The Octavia is 10x better than my friend’s Fulltone Octafuzz. Even my Goo Goo fuzz does a better job of an octavia than that! Richard James Grist

Just spent ten mins with the Evil Twin that thing is f**kin chaotic! True love. Can't wait to order the muzzbomb and double bender. Truly appreciated. Seth M.

Mark my words, the Reuss Muzzbomb will go down as one of the best Fuzz pedals of the new century.  I say this from the bottom of my heart, the Reuss Muzz Bomb is my favorite pedal of all time, bar none.  It is a marvel! It redefines a boost, it redefines the octavia. Let me be clear, I have pulled sounds out of this pedal that are beyond comparison to any other Octavia, any other fuzz.  At it's price point and quality, it literally embarrasses other pedals in the market.  Reuss is hands down the best bang for your buck when it comes to insanely high quality builds with boutique parts original designs and KICK ASS sounds. Casey Hopkins

Very potent fuzz.  Probably best fuzz I've heard. Great pedal, Anders. The repeater is great also. Warren E. (on the Repeater Fuzz)