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Prices are now listed in Euros

Prices are now listed in Euros

Reuss has been a global business since day one, always shipping the major part of the pedals to far away corners of the World. And since the US Dollar is the most international currency, I've always been listing my prices in USD. Until now

The thing is, I am a Danish company, and the Danish 'krone' is tied to the Euro. This means my income from the pedals have been fluctuating with the exchange rate between the USD and the EUR.

So to keep things stable, and fix my pricing at a stable minimum, the pedals are now listed in Euros. To set the new prices, I used the current exchange rate. There is no hidden 'mark-up' in the conversion.

The prices are still listed without the 25% Danish VAT, because I still sell most of the pedals to customers outside the European Union. The VAT is still added at check-out when the shipping destination is in the EU.

Written by Anders Marcuslund-Reuss — June 16, 2017

Introducing the Reuss DB-01 Double Bender

Introducing the Reuss DB-01 Double Bender:

Two complete Tone Bender mk III circuits in one compact pedal

Now you no longer need to make that difficult dicision between germanium or silicon fuzz. The new Reuss DB-01 'Double Bender' contains two fully independent vintage fuzz circuits. One of each kind

The Reuss Double Bender contains two complete fuzz circuits sharing a single set of controls for a simple and familiar layout. Via the '60s/70s' mode toggle you can switch between a germanium and a silicon transistor version of the amazing sounding vintage Tone Bender mk III circuit.

The mark III is my personal favourite fuzzpedal. It sounds fantastic and offers a wide range of tonal options.

The tone control does more than just rolling off the high end, and it makes the pedal go from bright mk II tone bender sounds to some very thick and creamy tones resembling a big muff - but much more focused and less muffled and boomy.

Featuring both a silicon and a germanium version of the Mark III expands the versatility even further, and having a Reuss Double Bender at the pedal board will definitely cover the fuzz needs of most players. No more need to google 'silicon vs germanium fuzz' before buying a fuzzpedal. This'll keep you covered.

Inside the pedal you'll find three matched vintage new old stock KRC OC140 NPN germanium transistors of 1960s production in the germanium circuit ('60s' mode), and a set of vintage new old stock Motorola 'tin can' BC108s in the silicon circuit ('70s' mode).

It's the choice of NPN germaniums that makes this pedal possible at all, because they run on normal polarity (negative ground) - just like the silicon transistors. This makes the Reuss Double Bender 'pedalboard friendly' too. You'll be able to use your normal 'daisy-chain' pedalboard power supply without issues.

Vintage NPN germanium transistors are rare, as they were more difficult to manufacture back in the days, so all the old vintage fuzzes were made with the cheaper and more commonly available PNPs. They had reverse polarity, making them tricky to integrate in a modern pedal chain.

The OC140s are very rare and desirable (and expensive) transistors because of their great sound in vintage fuzz circuits, and because of the obvious advantages of the NPN properties. I had the fortune of scoring a large batch, and I am personally testing, sorting and matching them for the Double Benders.

The Reuss Double Bender is faithful to the vintage Tone Bender mk III circuit, except that I have replaced the output resistors with trimmer pots. This makes it possible to match the outputs of the two circuits - and as a bonus, you can make them go much louder than the vintage pedals (which struggled to keep unity level).

There's only 44 pedals in the first batch, released at some time in late October 2016. They'll be listed at $179.95 (US) each. A killer deal at only $90 for each vintage transistor fuzz pedal.

The pedals are entirely made in the European Union. The silk screen printing was done by a former Bang & Olufsen graphics guy here in Denmark. There's a video of the process at my facebook page.

Here are a few sound samples:

1. Pavementos - shifting between germanium and silicon modes

2. Honeymud - shifting between germanium and silicon modes

3. Shredding - shifting between germanium and silicon modes

EDIT: This news post was updated on October 25th. It seems I will be ready to ship the first few pedals starting Tuesday November 1st. I'll add the Double Bender to the product pages very soon. Look out for pre-sales during this upcoming weekend


Written by Anders Marcuslund-Reuss — July 31, 2016

Several new Reuss pedals in the pipeline

It's springtime at Reuss:

Many new models coming in 2016 including the Warren Ellis 'Muzzbomb' pedal

The first half year of 2016 will debut quite a few new exciting Reuss pedals

First up is a new edition of my Goo Goo Fuzz Shin-Ei/Univox Superfuzz clone. The old SF-01 was great, but as I am parting ways with my Asian suppliers of enclosures and electronics, and taking all manufacturing home to good old Europa, I am basically redoing every model from scratch for forthcoming editions. The new SF-02 Goo Goo Fuzz will look pretty much like the old one, but everything is actually redesigned, from graphics to electronics. Production for the first batch is limited to 40 pedals. In stock now.

Warren Ellis signature pedal

Shortly after the release of the SF-02 Goo Goo Fuzz, I expect to be ready to ship the most eagerly awaited pedal in the history of Reuss pedals: The WE-01 Warren Ellis signature 'Muzzbomb' pedal. The pedal is based on Warren Ellis' mystery black DIY box, which was made by his brother. I had the box in the lab for cloning, and so far I have only revealed very little about what it actually is. But here you go: It's a badly messed up Tycobrahe Octavia circuit. Radically modded from the vintage specifications, and absolutely sick and evil sounding. In the Muzzbomb this already violently loud muzz effect is paired with a HUGE clean boost, which can also be used by itself. The Reuss WE-01 Muzzbomb is made in Europe and will be listed at the webshop at $184.95 (a bit more than previously announced, sorry, but that's due to the increased costs of switching to local manufacturing). Available now.

DeArmond Thunderbolt Wah clone

The third new pedal is my clone of the wonderful vintage DeArmond 'Thunderbolt' wah. An old favourite of mine, which proved a big challenge to clone. It's an inductorless wah, using a unique circuit which is nothing like all the Vox and Cry-Baby derivates. And most importantly it's extremely cool sounding. The schematics is nowhere to be found at the interwebs, so I had a Danish electronics engineer (normaly working for the hi-tech hearing aid company Oticon) reverse engineering an old orignal 1970s pedal, measuring every part. It's taken more than a year to prepare it for manufacturing. Not least because the Thunderbolt is using an unusual wah-potentiometer which is not currently available. So to make this pedal, I had to have a batch of pots custom made for me in the USA. The pedal will be called the Reuss 'Silver Balloon'. It's released Monday July 4th, and it will list at $199.95 at the webshop.

Here's a few soundclips of my friend Fzat fooling around with the prototype.

1. Lips Jelly

2. Henriksen

- And here is a vintage recording featuring the exact original Thunderbolt, that was cloned: It's a demo of a song called 'Crampdown' by my old band Death Tothe, which we recorded on a six-track casette in 1990, when we were still kids. The Thunderbolt-sound is featured very prominently in the guitar part, played by my friend Nalna (who is now guitar player with surf band The Tremolo Beer Gut). I was the bass player in Death Tothe.



There'll be a few more very cool new pedals added to the product line-up, which I am revealing in early summer. Stay tuned!


(Blog post edited May 25th 2016)


Written by Anders Marcuslund-Reuss — March 24, 2016

Big improvement: Now shipping via DHL worldwide

Now shipping via DHL for fast worldwide delivery

Your new Reuss pedal is only a few days away

I am extremely happy to announce, that my business now have a volume which made it possible for me to sign an excellent agreement with DHL for worldwide delivery!

This means significantly reduced shipping times everywhere, and especially to USA and Australia, where the major part of my sales goes. We are no longer talking week long shipping times to Australia, but only a few days.

To be exact, DHL is listing the shipping times as two days to the US and three days to Australia (delays can occur).

For years I have only charged part of the actual shipping cost to customers, so that the expensive Danish shipping rates isn't a deal-breaker, and I will continue to do so.


Written by Anders Marcuslund-Reuss — January 08, 2016

Cloning Warren Ellis' mystery pedal for a signature model

Reuss is releasing a Warren Ellis signature pedal in 2016

I am proud to announce, that I am working with Warren Ellis of The Dirty Three, Grinderman and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds on developing a signature pedal.

It'll be called the Reuss WE-01 Muzzbomb, and it's based on Warren Ellis' legendary 'mystery stomp box' which is much discussed at the guitar forums. It's a DIY pedal which is capable of some really wild and wonderfully mean and evil fuzz noises, built from old radio parts by Warren Ellis' brother Murray.

Currently the pedal is here with me to be cloned exactly. In the Muzzbomb we are pairing it up with a very loud clean boost circuit.

Warren Ellis' mystery DIY box ready for inspection at the Reuss lab:


Update February 4th 2016: 

The Muzzbomb pedal is now put into production for an expected June 2016 release.

The production model Muzzbomb is a two-in-one pedal featuring the muzz effect going into a very strong and loud booster (actually the same boost circuit as featured in the Reuss RF-02 Repeater Fuzz pedal). The above picture shows a working prototype.

The boost level is adjusted via a trimmer at the left side of the pedal, to keep the knob count low and make room for the large 'chicken head' 50s amp style knobs.

The Muzzbomb will be completely handmade in the European Union in full boutique contruction (hardwired jacks and footswitches) using only top shelf parts.

Update May 31st: Release date confirmed for June 27th 2016. Pre-sales starts Sunday June 19th.





Written by Anders Marcuslund-Reuss — September 04, 2015

Reuss RF-02 Repeater Fuzz finally happening

I have had a lot of challenges in getting a new batch of Reuss Repeater Fuzz pedals ready for sales, but it is finally happening.

(picture shows a dummy with no input and output jacks - final product features Neutrik brand jacks)

The new edition is slightly revised. The colour is changed to a silver grey metallic, the slide switch for the booster is changed for a toggle switch and the LED for the fuzz effect is changed from white to purple.

And maybe most importantly, the model is changed from being manufactured at my Chinese OEM factory to being assembled by myself here in Denmark. On the downside, this means a slight increase in price - and not a decrease as previously reported, sorry.

I expect to start shipping in about three or four weeks. The new price will be $159.95.

Written by Anders Marcuslund-Reuss — June 27, 2015

Introducing the Reuss RSH-03 Rowland S Howard pedal

Launching very soon:

The made in Denmark Reuss RSH-03 Rowland S. Howard pedal

This is replacing the RSH-01 as the official Rowland S. Howard pedal. It's the same, but in the smaller footprint of the Reuss ET-01 Evil Twin. It's assembled in Denmark by myself and it will be offered for sale at $209.95 (US).

UPDATE December 26th: The RSH-03 is shipping now.


Written by Anders Marcuslund-Reuss — December 09, 2014

Another Reuss equipped celebrity pedalboad: Smashing Pumpkins

The Reuss ET-01 Evil Twin pedal has found it's way to Smashing Pumpkins-guitar player Jeff Schroeder's pedal board. He is using it for 'Ava Adore', and he recorded a BBC session with it for broadcast in January.

This puts Jeff Schroeder on the Reuss celebrity users list among PJ Harvey, Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten), Mick Harvey, Laura Jane Grace (Agianst Me!), Mike Hranica (The Devil Wears Prada), Nick Zinner - and more

Written by Anders Marcuslund-Reuss — December 06, 2014