Reuss Musical Instruments

Reuss Evil Twin mk II

Sold out.

New, completely revised version coming in spring 2022!


The Evil Twin mk II is everything I have wanted to do, to improve the Reuss RSH-03 pedal, but sadly can't do because Rowland S. Howard is tragically not around to ask for approval


The new Evil Twin mk II has evolved into a 7-knob monster. Here's a run-down of the extended features, compared to the RSH-03:


  • Fuzz intensity for the blue box circuit can be adjusted all the way down to almost no fuzz (without affecting the octave-down tone)
  • Both circuits have gotten an added recovery gain stage, so now they are LOUD
  • Both circuits have gotten a tone control
  • Blue box circuit can be preset to either one or two octaves down
  • Distortion circuit can be set to germanium, silicon, mosfet or no clipping (boost). Ge/Si and Ge/mosfet combinations are possible
  • Internal ‘fat switch’ for the distortion circuit for improved low-end response

- And I’m happy to tell that the actual sounds are even more thrilling than the list of specs.

I expect to be able to release the pedal in spring 2022. Watch this space for more info, demo and a pre-ordering option. I am preparing 100 pedals for the initial batch.

Inside the first prototype: