Reuss Musical Instruments

Dear customers.

The webshop is temporarily closed for new orders. I have been absolutely flooded with orders the past few months, and I have been working like crazy. I am exhausted and I can’t keep up. I will be taking a much-needed break for the next three weeks, to catch up with everything I have been neglecting.
    I have set every product to zero inventory, but this is only a mechanism for blocking sales, so don’t worry; the webshop opens again for new orders on Monday November 15th, with plenty of pedals in stock - and in good time for your x-mas shopping.
    Meanwhile, please visit my dealers from the dealers list, if you feel a sudden and incurable urge to purchase a Reuss pedal. Effektpedaler in Denmark and Sonic Red in France carries the largest selections outside of the Reuss webshop. Kind thanks. Anders / Reuss

Written by Anders Marcuslund-Reuss — October 27, 2021

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