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Due to the significant increase in electronics parts prices, transport and energy and everything in the post-pandemic world, I am forced to increase the prices of the Reuss pedals too.

The increase will be noticeable, at about 15-30 % depending on the pedal model, and the new prices will be in effect from January 1st 2022.

The prices have already been too low for a long time, considering that the pedals are handmade craft items, made at high labor costs in Denmark and the European Union. They are not industrial products coming out of an automated assembly line in the far East.

Also, for years I have been at loss when shipping the pedals, not charging the actual cost of the DHL Express shipment, in fear that the relatively high costs would be a deal-breaker. I can not afford to do this anymore, so in effect from today (November 14th 2021) I am charging the actual costs. It’s expensive, but that's the reality of the times we are living in.

It’s all a matter of keeping the Reuss business going. If anyone's wondering, I am still not making a living from it, and I still work fulltime in public healthcare too.

Kind regards,

Anders / Reuss

Written by Anders Marcuslund-Reuss — November 14, 2021


Kasper Rømer Villumsen:

That seems absolutely sensible. From my experience with the two Reuss pedals that I have bought, paying more would not have been a dealbreaker. This kind of quality comes at a price. That is only fair.

November 17 2021

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