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Reuss Goo Goo Fuzz

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Buzz Buzz Buzzing away with the Goo Goo Fuzz

The superior Superfuzz clone

The Reuss Goo Goo Fuzz is a clone of the legendary 1960s Shin-Ei / Univox FY6 Superfuzz pedal. Built to the original schematic and featuring rare vintage new old stock semiconductor parts

Like the original Superfuzz, the Reuss Goo Goo Fuzz offers a wild and crazy, and totally over-the-top, wall of fuzz with an octave-up and slight ring-modulating effect. A breathtakingly complex and frighteningly beautiful, almost overwhelming noise. Unique and addictive. A fuzz sound like nothing else out there.

It's the tone made famous by Pete Townsend of The Who, Mudhoney, The Jesus & Mary Chain - and not least The Cramps.

The germanium diodes in the Goo Goo Fuzz are ultra rare, vintage new old stock OA90s and the transistors are the correct sixties Superfuzz mix of vintage Panasonic 2SC828s and Matsushita 'tin can' 2SC539s. These are the exact parts, the vintage schematic is calling for. No other Superfuzz clone is offering this level of absolute, no expenses saved, vintage parts accuracy.

The OA90s and Matsushita 2SC539s are incredibly rare and expensive parts. Searching the internet, you can find the 2SC539s listed for $20+ for a single transistor. There's four pieces in a Reuss SF-02 Goo Goo Fuzz. I am good at vintage parts scouting, but needless to say, these pedals are ranking high above average in parts costs.

Vintage Superfuzz pedals were never intended for use with an external power supply, and previous version of the Goo Goo Fuzz were sensitive to noise from modern 'switch mode' power supplies due to the true-to-vintage design. But now we have added a highly sophisticated filtering circuit to the DC input of pedal, which should be able to filter the noise from most power supplies (still no 100 % guarantee against really crappy power supplies, though). This ingenious little feature is quite complex, and an original Reuss design, thought out by my brilliant Danish electronics engineering partner.

Kid Congo Powers (The Cramps, The Gun Club, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) is using the Reuss Goo Goo Fuzz with his current band Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds.

 Reuss 'Goo Goo Fuzz' Sound samples (previous edition but identical circuit):

1. Mid-rangey tone setting, grunge tones

2. Mid-rangey tone setting, freaky noise rock

3. Extreme scooped mids tone setting with reverb added

4. Extreme scooped mids tone setting, stoner rock

- All clips features my friend Fzat playing a Fender Jazzmaster through his 1980s 100W Marshall Super Lead amp

Reuss Goo Goo Fuzz features and specifications

  • Vintage correct late sixties FY6 Superfuzz circuit
  • Vintage-correct new old stock parts (some extremely rare and expensive transistors and diodes in this one!)
  • Handmade in the European Union
  • Hybrid through-hole / SMT contruction (passive parts are surface mount)
  • Mechanical true bypass switching
  • Raspberry red metallic powdercoat finish with a subtle metallic sparkle. Three-colour handmade silk screen printing (expensive and labour intensive way of printing pedal graphics, but the best looking)
  • High quality Neutrik jacks
  • Super high quality footswitch (good for at least 30000 stomps)
  • Runs on a standard ’Boss-style’ 9V DC 'negative centre' guitar pedal power supply or a 9V battery
  • Advanced power supply noise filtering
  • Compact footprint (110 x 60 mm)
  • Orange LED - resembling an old-style pilot light
  • 24 months warranty against manufacturing faults
  • Ships in a 'reuss' box and linen draw-string bag
  • Worldwide shipping from Denmark. Orders posted before 2:00 PM Central European Time on weekdays ships same day

Download the Goo Goo Fuzz manual here

Here's a demo of the Goo Goo Fuzz by Manoj Ramdas (previous edition but identical circuit)


An inside look of the Goo Goo Fuzz 2021 . Notice the four 'tin can' 2SC539 transistors and the two OA90 diodes. There's a lot of parts in the FY6 Superfuzz circuit, and it's quite an engineering achivement to fit it inside the compact Hammond 1590B format.

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