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Reuss bob hund Fzzxkrrrxzt! (pre-order)

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Released in August 2021 - Limited edition of 50 pedals. Pre-ordering option opens June 16th 2021. Shipping date t.b.c. (not sold out)

Signature pedal for Johnny and Conny. Guitar players of legendary Swedish cult band bob hund

Based on Johnny and Conny's vintage Maestro Fuzz pedals, FZ-1A and FZ-1S Fuzz-Tones. Graphic design by long-time bob hund associate, the equally legendary Martin Kann

For the circuit design of the Fzzxkrrrxzt!, we had Johnny and Conny's original vintage pedals shipped to Denmark to be traced and analyzed by my electronics engineering partner.

Interestingly, the FZ-1S is not exactly identical to the schematics floating around the internet, and we choose to build it to the exact specifications of the bob hund pedal.

The FZ-1A proved to be a different kind of challenge, because the old parts, dating back to the early 1960s, have aged and drifted heavily in values. For this circuit, we are adding a switch inside the pedal to shift between original (non-drifted) parts values and the bob hund-specific values. Ther latter setting having less low-end.

The orignal FZ-1A pedals were made with germanium transistors, and because of the unreliabily of these, and the problems with RoHS compliance (EU environmental regulations), we have succesfully recreated the exact sound of the original pedal using modern silicon transistors, with the addition of other parts to precisely emulate the electronic properties of the germaniums (leakiness, internal capacitance etc. etc.) with an amazing result.

At present (June 9th 2021) we are still tweaking the prototype, so it is impossible to say exactly when we can start shipping the finished products. My best guess is sometime in late August 2021. The pre-ordering option is for you who just knows you want one, regardsless of unsure waiting time, and missing demo video etc. If you post a pre-order, you accept the terms of the shippnig date not yet being confirmed.

The pedals are completely handmade in the European Union. It's a limited edition of 50 pieces (we might do another batch later, if it becomes apparent that we have dramatically underestimated demand).

More information coming!

Breadboarding FZ-1A

bob hund originals