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Reuss bob hund Fzzxkrrrxzt!

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Limited edition of 50 pedals. Preordering option opens again October 25th 2021. Shipping date to be confirmed (pedals are not sold out)

Signature pedal for Johnny and Conny. Guitar players of legendary Swedish cult band bob hund

Based on Johnny and Conny's vintage Maestro Fuzz pedals, FZ-1A and FZ-1S Fuzz-Tones. Graphic design by long-time bob hund associate, the equally legendary Martin Kann

For the circuit design of the Fzzxkrrrxzt!, we had Johnny and Conny's original vintage pedals shipped to Denmark to be traced and meticulously analyzed by my electronics engineering partner. This means, the bob hund pedal is not merely built to the schematics floating around the internet, but to the exact parts measurements and oscilloscope analysis of bob hund’s original vintage pedals. In the lab, we were not satisfied until we had circuit designs for exact sound-a-likes and work-a-likes to Johnny and Conny’s pedals.

Interestingly, the circuit of bob hund’s old FZ-1S is not identical to the schematics found online - or even the one printed inside the pedal.  So we are building it to the actual, physical specifications of the bob hund pedal.

The FZ-1A proved to be a different kind of challenge. The orignal FZ-1A pedals were made with germanium transistors, and because of the unreliabily of these, we have recreated the exact sound of the original pedal using modern silicon transistors and diodes, with the addition of other parts to precisely emulate the electronic properties of the germaniums (leakiness, internal capacitance etc. etc.), with a great result. In other words, this part of the Fzzxkrrrxzt! will not be part-for-part identical to bob hund’s vintage pedal, but the sound and feel and behavior is identical. It has taken a lot of time in the lab to get it right, but we finally succeeded. What we came up with is probably the best and most accurate analog germanium transistor fuzz emulation ever designed. 


Update October 18th 2021:

The second prototype is completed and it sounds just right. I am extremely happy with it - and pretty confident that Johnny and Conny will like it too. The prototype has been with the band for a few weeks now, but they have been too busy with their commitments to the bob hund theatre concerts in Helsingborg to test it yet. Incredibly, they havn't even had a minute to plug it in. If they do test and approve it soon, there's still a chance the pedals can ship in December. Basically we are just standing by, waiting to start building pedals. I am so sorry for the delay!

My friend Fzat!, formerly of Thau, and co-owner of the Crunchy Frog label, dropped by to take the final Fzzxkrrrxzt! prototype for a test drive:


The pedals are completely handmade in the European Union. It's a limited edition of 50 pieces (we might do another batch later, if it becomes apparent that we have dramatically underestimated demand).

More information coming!

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Breadboarding FZ-1A

bob hund originals