Reuss Musical Instruments

Reuss Evil Twin

Sold out.

New, completely revised version coming in early 2022!

The Evil Twin mk II is everything I'd want to do to improve the Reuss RSH-03 pedal, but sadly can't do because Rowland S. Howard is tragically not around to ask for approval

The picture still shows the old version of 2014, but the new Evil Twin mk II has evolved into a 7-knob monster. Here's a run-down of the extended features, compared to the RSH-03:

  • Fuzz intensity for the blue box circuit can be adjusted (without affecting the octave-down tone)
  • Both circuits have gotten an added recovery gain stage, so now they are LOUD
  • Both circuits have gotten a tone control
  • Blue box circuit has an internal switch for less gating, for a more natural decay
  • Blue box circuit can be preset to either one or two octaves down
  • Distortion circuit can be set to germanium, silicon, mosfet or no clipping (boost). Ge/Si and Ge/mosfet combinations are possible
  • Internal ‘fat switch’ for the distortion circuit for improved low-end response

- And I’m happy to tell that the actual sounds are even more thrilling than the list of specs.

I expect to be able to release the pedal in the fall. Watch this space for more info, demo and a pre-ordering option. I am preparing 100 pedals for the initial batch.

Inside the prototype: