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Reuss Cab Drive (discontinued model)

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DISCONTINUED - Replaced by the Square One Overdrive. Same circuit, but even better!

It's yellow. It drives. It's the Reuss Cab Drive. A vintage-style overdrive of the unusual kind featuring a rare old 14-pin quad opamp chip

The circuit of the Reuss Cab Drive is derived from the very first Boss overdrive pedal, the legendary two-knob Boss OD-1 in the rare first version ('long dash') featuring a big 14-pin quad op-amp IC chip. Only made in 1977-1979. Later versions were completely different and came with an 8-pin dual op-amp chip like most other mainstream overdrive pedals. The 14-pin design is unique - and most importantly, it sounds much better.

The Reuss 'Cab Drive' features a Nec C4741C chip, which was also used by Boss back in the days.

TONE switch for more low-end

I have added a tone switch to the original circuit, which makes the eq response flat (no mid-range hump) and restores the low end. Great for bedroom players and bass players. Still, you might find that the stock sound sits best in your mix or with your band.

The Reuss Cab Drive is an awesome sounding old school overdrive with a very pure and direct and strong sound. Really shines at higher gain settings with it’s wonderfully textured, slightly grainy sound. Very dynamic and natural sounding, with a smooth and balanced high-end. This one rocks like no other.

Famous players of the Boss OD-1 includes Radiohead's Ed O'Brien and The Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia. It is also legendary for its popularity along LA hard rock bands in the 80s.

Sound samples:

1. Heavy drive ('OVER DRIVE' at 3 o'clock) - riffin' and soloing in 'stock' tone mode

2. Low drive ('OVER DRIVE' at 9 o'clock) - riffin' in alternate tuning ('stock' tone mode)

3. Fender Bass VI - low drive - both 'TONE' modes (first 'stock' then 'flat eq' tone mode - Cab Drive into chorus and delay))

4. Bluesy soloing (low drive - 'stock' tone mode)

5. Flipping the 'TONE' switch randomly during heavy drive riffin' and soloing

6. Medium drive - clean and both "TONE" modes

7. Heavy drive - both "TONE" modes

8. Noodling on the Jaguar - medium gain - 'stock' tone mode


  • Vintage correct circuit
  • Vintage new old stock parts
  • Uncompromising 'boutique' construction and build quality. Wired by hand
  • Sturdy aluminium enclosure in gloss yellow finish with silk screen printing
  • True bypass switching
  • Made in the European Union
  • Neutrik jacks and a 'pro' upgrade quality footswitch (good for at least 15000 stomps)
  • 24 months warranty against manufacturing faults - warranty does not cover ICs damaged by attempts of replacement
  • Worldwide shipping from Denmark. Orders posted before 2:00 PM Central European Time on weekdays ships same day

Download the Reuss OD-01 Cab Drive manual here (click link)

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