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Reuss Double Standard Distortion - SALE

IN STOCK (limited availability)

The Double Standard Distortion is a modified Reuss Wine and Roses pedal in disguise

The story is, I had the full first batch of 'Wine and Roses' pedals horribly misprinted, and the only way to remove the printing was by sandblasting the enclosures completely, down to the bare metal.

The end result proved to be not suitable for a new powder coat finishing, but the raw, sandblasted aluminium looked pretty cool. Kinda rough and rugged. Too good to throw in the waste bin.

So now I am using them for this limited edition, discount price version of the Wine and Roses pedal. The circuits are modified slightly, the vintage new old stock LM308 opamps being replaced by the LM741CNs of the Rowland S. Howard pedal. They do sound slightly different but equally cool. Overall this version has a lighter and crunchier sound than the 'Wine & Roses'. And it's not quite as loud - but plenty loud, still.

For the Double Standard edition I have removed the extended bass response of the 'Germanium Dirt' half of the pedal, giving it a less heavy sound. Basically it's a Rowland S. Howard distortion with an added tone control and slightly higher output.

The raw aluminium enclosures features real, handmade silk screen printing.

Download the Double Standard Distortion manual here.

Demo by Budda Guedes

I am also releasing a limited edition version of the 'Swiss Army Knife' pedal (K**n and R*t circuits) in the recycled enclosures. Also at a bargain price. This pedal is called 'The Utilitarian'. And it's pretty great too (in stock now).

All of these pedals are handcrafted in the EU to the same, uncompromising standards as the regular Reuss pedal line. Full warranty applies.

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